Dental Bridge

Are you missing multiple teeth? A dental bridge can restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.

Traditionally a dental bridge was a removable oral appliance, but a modern fixed bridge is permanently secured using dental implants or natural teeth strengthened by dental crowns. A dental bridge is a restorative dental solution that can be designed and placed in multiple visits.

Replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge will support your long-term dental health by providing stability to your smile. Dr. Paul Cavanaugh is a Colorado Springs dentist that works with patients who have missing teeth to reestablish a healthy, comfortable, and functional smile through personalized treatment.


When dental bridges are secured with dental implants, they offer these benefits to patients:

Reduced bone loss: A dental implant will minimize bone loss in the jaw where a tooth was lost. In the case of several teeth, this can offer a significant benefit for the appearance of your smile and the function of the bite over time.

Secure restoration: When placed into a healthy jaw bone, dental implants are permanent and secure. This means that your new tooth or dental bridge will fit and feel like a natural tooth and can be cared for in much the same way.

Stabilized healthy teeth: A dental bridge that is implant-secured also supports the natural structure of your smile and the position of remaining teeth. This will stabilize your bite, reduce the risk of shifting teeth, and enable normal chewing ability.


The process for placing a dental bridge will depend on the need for any pre-treatment preparation and whether dental implants are being used to anchor the bridge. In the case of dental implants, the surgical placement of the post will take place first, followed by a healing period of several months.

During this time, a temporary bridge is placed to restore function and the final restoration is attached once tissues have healed. Natural teeth that are used to attach a bridge will be prepared for the crown placement to better support the appliance. We will take impressions of your teeth and mouth for use in designing your custom dental bridge after the preparation of the anchor teeth.


Patient comfort is our top priority. We will and we will discuss your needs before any part of the treatment to ensure you feel relaxed and confident in your care. Call our Colorado Springs dental office at 719-528-1711 or request a consultation online.

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