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General dentistry is the foundation of your dental care in our Colorado Springs dentist office. Dr. Paul Cavanaugh and our dental care team place an emphasis on disease prevention and offer dental care that is personalized to the unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Cavanaugh takes the time to evaluate your dental health during routine dental visits in an effort to get to know you as an individual and to identify your risk factors for common dental concerns.

Our team recommends that all patients visit with us twice a year for a thorough exam and professional teeth cleaning, some more than that if they have persistent gum disease. During these bi-annual preventive care visits, we screen for signs of disease, decay, and oral cancer.

We also evaluate the condition of your teeth. Dr. Cavanaugh analyzes the function of the jaw joints and the fit of your bite, looking for signs of malocclusion and bite problems.


Dr. Cavanaugh provides advanced treatments and procedures to address a wide range of dental concerns, but disease prevention and routine care are the keys to lifelong dental health. Learn more about the treatments he offers below:


Do you need a custom fit mouth guard for sports? When professionally crafted, sports mouthguards minimize the risk of injury, concussions, and trauma. If properly fitted, mouthguards allow patients to speak more clearly and prevent chipped, damaged, and knocked out teeth. Furthermore, over-the-counter ill-fitting mouthguards do not offer an appropriate fit. Professional mouthguards crafted by a dentist and their team offer a safer option for patients. A custom fit mouth guard is designed specifically for your teeth, gums and bite to give you an optimal protective barrier in the case of accident. Dr. Paul Cavanaugh can provide easy service, contact us today!


Are you feeling severe tooth pain? Has your dental bridge or denture broken? Call our office for emergency dental treatment at 719-528-1711. Dr. Cavanaugh and his team are experienced in treating difficult or complex dental problems. We are here to coordinate proper care. If your emergency is happening during business hours, call our office to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment. We will return your message as soon as possible and do our best to schedule an appointment for you the following day.


Dr. Cavanaugh and his professional dental team offer dental treatments for patients of all ages. Geriatric solutions including restorative and cosmetic treatments help maintain a patient’s balanced smile as they grow older. Pediatric treatment can include taking care of children’s teeth as they grow in as well as establishing regular dental visits twice a year.


Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a sedation solution for patients who have dental fear or anxiety. Dr. Cavanaugh and his dental team work with patients to try to identify the root cause of their dental fear or to establish ways to relax and feel calm when visiting the dental office. Nitrous oxide relaxes patients for calmer treatment.


Severely overcrowded, crooked, and decayed teeth may need to be removed by a professional dentist. Patients may fear the tooth extraction procedure due to pain, however, we use an anesthetic. Following extraction, we recommend restorative and cosmetic treatment that may include clear braces, full and partial dentures, a dental bridge, and dental implants. Replacing missing teeth and straightening crooked teeth improves oral health.


Request a dental exam with Dr. Cavanaugh today. You can also call 719-528-1711. Dr. Cavanaugh and his dental team are passionate about finding solutions to treat all types of dental problems.

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